People Philosophy

At SEAOIL, we commit to providing an environment where we develop future leaders with qualities of authenticity, humility, courage and candor. We empower leaders from all levels to energize and excite their people to achieve goals that are in line with the mission and vision of the company.

While we always strive to win, we never compromise our integrity. We play by the rules, thus, our success is based on our capacity to innovate and implement unique and pioneering strategies in the industry.

We are honest with ourselves and open to feedback, thereby enhancing our capacity for positive change. We believe that each employee is a partner and a steward of the assets and resources entrusted to the company for the benefit of all its stakeholders.


We see to it that our people live a balanced professional and personal life through our workplace-friendly policies, employee-involvement activities and self-enhancement programs. By putting our people on the right challenge levels, we place them in a position to find purpose and fulfillment in their work, while enabling them to make SEAOIL the top-of-mind retail fuel company, employer and investment of choice.

We build our team of exceptional people based on the four (4) C's: Character, Competence, Chemistry and Culture. We establish mile markers and celebrate accomplishments to inspire and reward individuals with outstanding performances. We acknowledge the uniqueness and strengths of our employees and believe that everyone wins when each and every individual learns to play to their strengths.

Our people are our key differentiators. They are our greatest asset. They are the lifeblood of our company and the catalyst for our success.