Pagkain sa Mesa para sa Masa

Tugon sa Gutom Program (TSG) is SEAOIL Foundation’s response to food insecurity and hunger. Focused on helping families and households produce their own food at home, food access-specifically, the establishment of family farms becomes its core strategy in achieving food security and nutrition.

Tugon sa Gutom Strategy Framework

Family Farm

Family Farms are designed to helpfamilies produce the desired quantityand quality of food at home, even intimes of disaster. While consumption offood from the family farm is the primaryobjective of our program, income fromthe sale of excess produce is likewisedesired to encourage them to continuewith their family farms.

Agri Development
and Social Enterprise

Community farms and food security enterprises would support the establishment and management of family farms, consolidate and market excess produce and create food enterprises that could absorb produce from their family farms.

Community Action Towards Addressing Hunger

Mobilization of community-based organizations and sectoral groups that could help in influence behavior and community action against hunger.

Enabling Policy Environment

Working with Local Government Units (LGUs) to ensure policies and financial and non-financial resources are made available to sustain family farms as part of their response to hunger and food insecurity.

In 2022, SFI has supported 1,087 families under the Tugon sa Gutom Program

Our Program Partners

• Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
• Assisi Development Foundation
• Bicol Center for Community Development
• DAI Safe Water by the USAID
• Mahintana Foundation, Inc.
• Synergeia Foundation, Inc.
• The Hunger Project by the Philippine Business for Social Progress
• UN World Food Programme
• Zuellig Family Foundation

Our LGU Partners

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