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Seaoil launches new oil for 4-stroke motorcycles

Motorcycles have invaded the country's roads, increasing in number every day. To cater to this fast-growing market, Seaoil Philippines has developed a motor oil specifically designed for 4-stroke engines.

Called 4T Power, this special lubricant is formulated to meet the demands on 4-stroke motorcycle engines running in a tropical country like the Philippines. It is a blend of high-quality mineral base stocks and performance additives that have been tested in high-revving, high-stress, and high-temperature engines.

Seaoil President Glenn Yu said 4T Power has a viscosity rating of 20W50 and follows both the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Japanese Automotive Standard Organization (JASO) standards. In short, it is comparable to more expensive motor oils.

"4T Power has advanced wear protection, sludge and varnish protection and thermal stability for superior performance -- all in a very affordable package," he said.

Yu added that Seaoil understands the need of Filipino motorcycle owners when it comes to motor oils. "Filipino motorcycle owners want affordable oil that lasts," he said. "This is the reason why we designed 4T Power."

Motor oils such as 4T Power work harder than oil for car engines. They do not only lubricate the engine itself but also the clutch and the transmission. And they operate in a hotter environment because most motorcycle engines are cooled not by water but by air.

4T Power is now available at all Seaoil stations nationwide for only P145 per liter.


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4T Power and things you always wanted to ask of motorcycle oil

Most motorcycles in the country run on 4-stroke engines. Simply put, these engines take four strokes to generate power. In principle, these engines are the same as engines used in cars. But using a car's motor oil on a 4-stroke motorcycle is never advisable. Why? Here's a short Q&A on the intricacies of motorcycle engines and why oil companies such as Seaoil Philippines have developed products like the 4T Power designed specifically for motorcycles.

Is motor oil for cars bad for my motorcycle?

Not completely bad, but definitely not good. In degree of importance, motor oil for cars is designed to 1. Maximize fuel economy; and 2. Reduce emissions. Protection for moving parts comes only as a far third. Motorcycle oils such as Seaoil's 4T Power, on the contrary, are designed primarily to lubricate the teeny-weeny parts of a 4-stroke motorcycle engine, including the clutch and the transmission. And they do the lubrication while these parts are moving in a blistering pace and in a hotter environment!

Will motor oil for cars hurt my motorcycle?

It could. If you're using motor oil for cars in your 4-stroke, you're not buying the best protection. It is missing vital anti-wear components, the most common being zinc, phosphorus and sulfur.

Will motor oil for cars hurt my clutch?

Yes. The friction modifiers in a car's motor oil improve fuel economy by making it easier for the gears, bearings, pistons and rings to slip, slide and turn inside the engine. Unfortunately, these friction-minimizing agents also make it easier for the clutch in a motorcycle to slip. If you use motor oil for cars in your motorcycle, you are losing acceleration power and you reduce the life of your clutch.

What does the acronym JASO mean?

Japanese Automotive Standards Organization. This group developed a standard specifically for four-stroke motorcycles. JASO designates two different four-stroke oil classifications: MA and MB. The MB oil is for low friction and the MA does not have anti-friction enhancers, which is best for your clutch. Seaoil's 4T Power is classified as JASO MA.

Why is Seaoil's 4T Power motorcycle oil better?

The 4T Power has five times the anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives of motor oil for cars. As a plus, it does not have molybdenum disulfide and other friction modifiers that wreak havoc on clutch performance. Seaoil designed the 4T Power with an American Petroleum Institute (API) SG Service Category base oil, the last formulation that wasn't regulated as to the amount of zinc, phosphorus and sulfur it could contain. Seaoil then added more protection through a proprietary mix of performance additives. The end result is 4T Power -- a motorcycle oil that doesn't break down under extreme heat and is tough enough to cushion meshing gears.

Which motorcycle oil should I use

If the bottle of oil doesn't list it as an API SG or JASO MA spec, it's not good enough for your motorcycle. Although a bottle of oil might say "For Motorcycle Use" or "Safe In Wet Clutches," the best endorsement is the API SG or JASO MA designation. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The 4T Power is now available at all Seaoil outlets nationwide for only P145 per 1-liter bottle.