SEAOIL launches 97+ octane gasoline

In a bid to further bolster its market share, SEAOIL Philippines Inc. launches yet another market first with its newest premium gasoline product that boasts of the highest octane level available in the market today.

EXTREME97 has a 97+ octane rating, providing engines the opportunity to operate at maximum output thus improving combustion and reducing engine wear. In addition, higher octane translates to increased horsepower and better burning characteristics.

We are initially making it available in Metro Manila, and we're rolling it out nationwide in the coming months, SEAOIL president and CEO Francis Glenn Yu said.

The EXTREME97's promise of extreme performance is further made possible by its 10-percent ethanol content that functions as booster to your engine. Conventional gasoline uses lead and other harmful additives as booster, which promote tail-pipe emissions that are harmful to the environment, he pointed out.

High-octane quality prevents unstable "knocking or pinging" combustion, which produces an unpleasant mechanical engine noise and can cause engine damage when severe.

Yu said they have invested P10 million for research and development on EXTREME97, including extensive product testing over two years. In fact, the EXTREME97 formulation was tested to perform under extreme conditions by actual racers who participated in the 2007 and 2008 Philippine Touring Car Championships (PTCC).

He added the introduction of EXTREME97 would further strengthen their steadily increasing position in the domestic gasoline market.

Considered as a pioneering independent oil company in the country, SEAOIL has taken up a substantial 4% share of the highly-competitive market in terms of sales volume and retail network.

We're the first to launch unleaded fuel in 2001, first to make ethanol-blended fuels available in 2005, consistent with SEAOIL's commitment to provide pioneering technologies to the market, he said.

The Filipino-owned oil firm pioneered the country's use of ethanol as a gasoline blend. It recently introduced another breakthrough in the local petroleum industry with the development of its E85 fuel - a predominantly ethanol-blended fuel product widely used in Brazil and Sweden and fast gaining popularity in the US.

As a result, Yu said business has been extremely favorable due mainly to the growth in performance of our existing and new stations.

He added that EXTREME97, as a clean fuel, is packed with the latest technology additive to control deposit formation on fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers.

As a result, the environment-friendly EXTREME97 reduces tail-pipe emissions of vehicles since it uses ethanol as booster, instead of lead and other harmful additives which are common in regular gasoline.

Yu said EXTREME97 can be used on car models as old as 1990, assuming the spare parts of the vehicle are genuine.

But definitely, 1997 models and above can run on EXTREME97., he said.

He explained that since all engines have octane appetite that increases over time due to internal deposit accumulation (carbon, dirt, gums and varnishes), the use of fuel with higher octane is necessary to ignite the accumulated deposits, consequently bringing cars back to their optimum performance level.

EXTREME97 may also be mixed with other gasoline without adverse effect, provided the other gasoline is clean and not contaminated.

However, to take advantage of the highest octane rating of EXTREME97, we recommend that you use it exclusively, Yu stressed.