EXTREME 97 boosts SEAOIL's sales

SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. gladly announced that its high-performance fuel product EXTREME 97, has lifted sales at stations in Metro Manila where it is being sold.

Since the launching in July, there has been a 15% average increase in overall sales. "In six months, we are hoping that it would even double," said Mr. Glenn Yu, President and CEO.

EXTREME 97 is a high performance fuel that boasts of 97 octane rating, currently the highest in the market. This product feature, coupled with the advantages provided by its technologically advanced additives and Friction Modifier Technology (FMT), promises to give engines the opportunity to operate at maximum output by improving combustion and reducing engine wear.

The product, which is presently available in majority of SEAOIL stations in Metro Manila, will soon be launched in selected stations in Northern and Southern Luzon.