Philips top officials, headed by their president and CEO Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, visit the new SEAOIL office that is lighted with their high quality LED

The SEAOIL family continues to grow as the company expands its retail network nationwide. SEAOIL is set to occupy its third office in Ortigas Center, and the lucky employees who are transferring there are in for yet another treat.
After installing LED lights in the first set of stations to make them look brighter and safer,  Philips is also cortracted by SEAOIL to provide the LED lighting for the new office.
The LED lighting is part of SEAOIL's program on enhancing employees' sense of well-being. Aside from improving the visual quality of their workplace, SEAOIL also wants employees to feel happier and more energized at work.
Philips is a recognized LED lighting solution expert worldwide.