With its series of innovations, SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. has earned for itself the recognition as the Leader in Innovation in Philippine fuel industry. As a Filipino company that advocates environmental protection, SEAOIL is continuously introducing pioneering products that are becoming the standard in the industry. Now, SEAOIL paves the way to yet another innovation. SEAOIL's friction-busting gasoline and diesel products are now powered with world-trusted STP Additives, which remove and control carbon deposits. These two features combined deliver racer-sharp engine performance.

SEAOIL provides a complete line of world class lubrication system that is customized to fit the requirements of the automotive, construction, marine, transportation, power and manufacturing industries.

The lubrication system plays an important role in an engine’s performance. The oil must be efficiently distributed to vital parts of the engine at the right temperature and enough pressure. However, in demanding situations especially in tropical conditions, engine parts can heat up, melt and fuse. This calls for a lubricant that can respond and adapt easily to adverse changes and still deliver optimum performance.

SEAOIL’s Custom-Engineered Oils are specially designed for extreme conditions. Known for its world-class lubrication system, each product is carefully engineered to address the specific demands of modern engine and machinery. Every SEAOIL lubricant is blended with performance boosters that protect engines from unnecessary wear, dirt and engine deposits. SEAOIL’s lubricants are formulated using superior base oils and fortified with boosters, to deliver optimum performance even on a tropical environment like the Philippines.

SEAOIL recognizes the different fueling needs and requirements of its customers, whether it be for personal, or business purposes. For this reason, we offer a set of cards to help different customers achieve greater flexibility in managing their finances while getting more out of each purchase.

SEAOIL Consumer Card users enjoy special privileges such as loyalty rewards, personalized customer engagement, special offers, and many more.