The SEAOIL Fleet Care Postpaid Card is a worry-free solution to corporate fleet management. The card, available for fleet customers, enables them to:

  • Simplify their administration and reduce costs
  • Have better control and better management information
  • Customize the card usage based on theirpreference
  • Have an up-to-date, accurate picture of their fuel costs
  • Enjoy credit terms; and
  • Say goodbye to paper receipts and late expense claims

Aside from these benefits, the card contains the latest chip-based smartcard technology to protect businesses from fraudulent purchases. The card is also packaged with a 24-hour towing and roadside assistance services for emergency cases.



What is the SEAOIL V.I.P. Club?

The SEAOIL V.I.P. (Values, Incentives and Privileges) Club is a loyalty program that gives personalized rewards and incentives to its members. Every gas up will earn points for its members, which they can convert to cash, or use in their next purchase of any SEAOIL product, at stations that have the V.I.P. Program.

Who may join the SEAOIL V.I.P. Club?

Membership to the SEAOIL V.I.P. Club is open to all motorists, as well as associations of public and private vehicles (operators and drivers) and fleet owners.

How does a V.I.P. Club member earn points?

Points are awarded at the rate of 1 point per 100-peso purchase. Purchases below 100 Pesos are still awarded points on a pro-rated basis.

There are three (3) basic levels of membership in the V.I.P. Club:

  • Bronze Membership: This is the entry level of all V.I.P. Club members. While at the Bronze level, each V.I.P. point is equivalent to 0.33 Pesos. Bronze members can cash-in on their rewards once the Peso equivalent of their accumulated points reaches 100 Pesos.
  • Silver Membership: A V.I.P. member is promoted to the Silver level once his accumulated SEAOIL purchases exceeds 250,000 Pesos. While at the Silver level, each V.I.P. point is equivalent to 0.50 Pesos. Silver members can cash-in on their rewards once the Peso equivalent of their accumulated points reaches 100 Pesos.
  • Gold Membership: A V.I.P. member is promoted to the Gold level once his accumulated SEAOIL purchases exceed 500,000 Pesos. While at the Gold level, each V.I.P. point is equivalent to 1 Peso. Gold members can cash-in on their rewards once the Peso equivalent of their accumulated points reaches 100 Pesos.

Where to gas up and earn V.I.P. points?

Click here for the list of participating SEAOIL stations that accept V.I.P. Cards.




The Fleet Care Prepaid Card is a SEAOIL product that enables fleet customers to:

  • Manage their fuel expenses ahead of time because it is prepaid.
  • Assign prepaid cards to individual drivers or vehicles for easy tracking; and
  • Keep their fuel expenses within budget because they can already set aside a portion of their income for fuel each payday.

Aside from these benefits, fleet customers will get to enjoy double points in their V.I.P. Club if they use their prepaid cards at any of the stations where V.I.P. cards are accepted.

To learn more about the V.I.P. Card and membership, click here.



A perfect gift for your friends and loved-ones, the SEAOIL Gift Cards can be used to substitute cash when purchasing SEAOIL fuel and lubricant products. Aside from being used as a gift, the cards are very helpful for travelling motorists who rely on cash to buy other items aside from fuel.

These cards are accepted in all SEAOIL stations nationwide and can be used together with the SEAOIL V.I.P. Card.

The SEAOIL Gift Cards are available in P100 and P500 denominations. To purchase them, email us at [email protected].



In today’s race of motorist cards, a newly formed partnership has charged ahead of the pack and will most likely dominate the local motoring world. Diners Club, the first multi-purpose credit card in the world and a globally recognized charge card, and SEAOIL, the leading and largest independent fuel company in the Philippines, have joined forces through SB Cards to offer motorists all over the Philippines a card that will help them blaze on the road with more perks.

Featuring a whopping 7% promo gas rebate – the highest in the industry – in SEAOIL stations until March 12, 2014, and a year-round 4% gas rebate thereafter will be offered. Diners Club-SEAOIL Credit Card also offers FREE Php500 worth of SEAOIL fuel for newly activated cards, 10% discount on SEAOIL lubricants, 24-hour nationwide emergency road assistance, and a host of exclusive and exciting auto-related tie-ups and promos. This means that you can get as much as Php16,000 rebate in a year, depending on your card activation date.

All these perks, of course, simply catch up with the many other privileges of living in the fast lane of Diners Club Cardholders: international acceptance, waived first year annual membership fee, ChargeLight Installment facility, Bills Assist Program, convenient payment facilities, and 24/7 Customer Service Hotline.

So get turbocharged with the new Diners Club SEAOIL Card and swipe your way to travel, dining, wining and motoring glory!