Based on a study conducted by Transparency International[1] in 2010, the Philippines received a 2.4 rating on a scale of 10 being “very clean”, and 1 being “highly corrupt."

The widespread perception of the country being one of the most corrupt in the world has not only tarnished the credibility of the public sector, but more alarmingly, has challenged the integrity of the private sector.

As a response to the growing challenge in preserving and practicing integrity in business, SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. (SPI) launched SEAOIL Foundation, Inc. (SFI) in February 2012. This new initiative was sparked in March 2011 when SEAOIL signed the Integrity Pledge --- a private sector effort that promotes good governance, transparent business transactions, and strict integrity standard in the Philippines.

SFI expands the culture of integrity outside SEAOIL by actively creating programs and partnerships with leaders and communities. SFI especially emphasizes on involving the local government so that communities may benefit from officials with improved leadership capabilities in an ethical and progressive environment.

SFI strives to achieve measurable outcomes that strengthen the ownership of social issues and solutions through government involvement and community engagement.

Our Vision

We envision thriving communities where leaders and members share responsibilities and resources to improve the lives of people.

Our Mission

SEAOIL Foundation, Inc. will engage leaders and communities in advocating Good Governance in Social Development, Education, and Environment in different key areas in the Philippines.

Board of Trustees

Members of the SFI Board of Trustees: (L-R) Mark L. Yu, Francis C. Yu, Francis Glenn L. Yu, Stephen L. Yu, and Lawrence L. Yu

SEAOIL Foundation, Inc. is governed by a group of leaders who are committed to contributing positive change to the country. Mr. Francis L. Yu, founder of SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. was first appointed as President in 2012, and was succeeded by Mr. Mark L. Yu who currently serves as the President of the Board of Trustees.

Transparency International is a global movement that aims to have a world free of corruption. Its headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany, but it has more than 100 chapters all over the world. (Source: www.transparency.org)