Our Programs are all grounded in the principle of Good Governance, whereby local governments are involved and communities are engaged. Since the beginning, SFI has already been able to reach out to numerous communities around the country, and has assisted many deserving groups and individuals.

For every program that is planned and implemented, SFI ensures full commitment of everyone involved. Our best metric for program success is the sense of ownership realized by program partners, implementers, and beneficiaries.

Social Development

As an alternative and supplement to outright donations to needy and deserving communities, SFI designs innovative programs that allow leaders and community members to come together co-own social issues and solutions. It is our hope that through this approach, we are able to deepen relationships among our stakeholders in the areas of capacity-building, health, leadership, and livelihood.

Capacity-Building of CSOs in Bottom-up Budgeting

The process known as Bottom-up Budgeting (BuB) allows civic society organizations (CSOs) to articulate their community’s needs and submit project proposals to their local governments. Unfortunately, not all organizations are equipped to develop plans and conduct proper project monitoring. To help more communities increase their chances at participating in the budgeting process, SFI partnered with the De La Salle-Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance to conduct capacity development activities in selected areas in Regions VI and X.

Senior Citizens' Wellness Program

SFI launched a public health leadership development program in 2014 with the aim of promoting co-ownership of community health issues and encourage good governance in public health development through targeted medical missions in select barangays. This initiative not only hopes to care for the elderly members of the society, but also aims to increase the skills and leadership capacities of barangay health workers.


We believe that education strengthens good governance, and that good governance leads to improved education, which can eventually pave the way to nation-building. Our advocacy on education can be both traditional, as in the form of scholarship grants; as well as unconventional, through sponsorship of leadership trainings. Through these strategies, we are able to help shape future leaders of the country.

Community Scholarships

SFI provides assistance to deserving and qualified young minds to enable them to have access to good education, and become good citizens. Selected students from Namayan Mandaluyong and eager station personnel are given the opportunity to pursue higher education through scholarship grants.

Champions on Good Governance and Education Leadership

SFI supported an initiative led by Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership (KN) to address and improve local issues in education. Local Chief Executives from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were invited to participate in a series of training that promote leadership development, public education reform and social innovations.


We recognize that having a healthy citizenry starts with having a healthy environment. Through our work, we hope that communities will thrive by integrating balance in nature, people, and progress. SFI supports efforts that help raise the consciousness of communities and encourage their participation in the conservation of environment, particularly in caring for our biodiversity.