Smooth acceleration

Experience “swabe” even on regular driving conditions.

Why choose EXTREME 95

Extreme 95 is a premium-grade gasoline that boasts of 95+ octane rating and high technology additives that increase the engine's torque for faster and smoother acceleration at start-up. The octane boost also allows the vehicle to perform at high speed without experiencing knocking and pinging due to faster compression.

And now, powered with STP Additives, EXTREME 95 is further enhanced with the superior capability of removing and controlling carbon deposits in intake valves and fuel injectors. Carbon deposits can cause poor acceleration, knocking, lost fuel economy, increased exhaust emissions, and an overall lack of resppnsiveness. All these can be avoided by using SEAOIL Fuels powered with STP Additives.

Fast facts:

Octane Rating 95

Euro Standard 4

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